Q: Can I/my child join at anytime during the year?
A: Yes! Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports welcomes new members at anytime. We also offer a one-week free trial so that you can attend some of our practices and determine if our team is a good fit for you.

Q: Can I/my child transfer from another USA Swimming team?
A: Yes! USA Swimming members may transfer to our team at anytime. When a swimmer transfers to our team, they are still able to compete in USA and Gulf Swimming meets, however, they are required to swim "unattached" for 120 days. This is USA Swimming regulation. For more questions concerning this, please contact us.
Q: How do I know what group I/my child should be in?

Contact the Coaching Staff or complete the New Swimmer Inquiry on the left.  We will evaluate your/your child's current skill and ability level and place your swimmer accordingly. When placing swimmers, we always take into account, age, skill and ability levels, and goals. 

Q: Does COOG have any attendance policies?
A: No. The amount of practices swimmers attend is a personal choice. However, the more practice swimmers attend, the more the coaching staff can be of assistance and work towards goals together.

Q: What equipment do I/my child need?
A: Swim suit, goggles, cap (optional), water bottle, mesh bag, kick board, fins, pull buoy, paddles*, snorkel*, and a tempo pacer*.

        *Junior, Senior, and National groups only.

Q: Does COOG do dryland training?
A: Our Junior, Senior, and National groups do have dryland training sessions, which are typically 30 minutes before in-water training at the coaches discretion. This dryland training consists of activities that build core strength, speed, power, and stamina.

Q: Do I/my child have to attend swim meets?
A: No. Once again, the amount of swim meets swimmers attend is a personal choice.

Q: Do I need to volunteer for team hosted functions?
A: Yes. Members are required to volunteer time at swim meets, fundraisers, and other hosted team functions. Members will be informed of these functions and given ample time to sign-up for
volunteer positions

Q: What do I need to do if my child is discontinuing the swim program?
A: Please provide a 30 day notice using the
Termination Notice form.